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KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Nov – Dylan Ooi Ding Sheng stole the limelight on the last day of the Play-off Round 100PLUS National Youth Ranking Challenge 2020 to earn promotion to Group A of the national youth team.

After finishing second in Group B at the 100PLUS National Youth Ranking Challenge last month, the Penang-born lad served a surprise this morning in Bukit Kiara when he dumped Eogene Ewe Eon over three sets 23, 21, 8-21, 22-20.

“I lost to him (Eogene) during the National Youth Ranking Challenge last month but today I am more determined to win to get the slot in Group A,” said the 16-year-old Dylan.

“I need to continue the hard work and improve further as I finally managed to move into Group A after two years being in Group B. Playing against the older players will certainly be a motivation.”

In the meantime, V. Poopathi maintained his winning form as champion of Group A and B of the boys singles category when he made short work of Anson Cheong 21-9, 21-10.

“Of course, I am satisfied to win all the matches this week as this will give me more  confidence to play against the more senior and experienced players.

“The challenge will be higher for sure, so I will have to improve on my tactical play and also my physical abilities over the next few weeks,” said Poopathi.

At the end of the Play-off Round this morning, Anson Cheong and Eogene Ewe Eon will be listed in Group B.

As expected in the girls singles category, Khor Jing Wen completed her slot to Group A after finishing second in the final rankings today.

But the Penang-born player was fully stretched before she was able to overcome Joanne Ng Mya Yin 22-20, 20-22, 21-12.

“I’m not thinking too much about the loss yesterday as that could have an effect on my performance today. And even though I won, I still feel that I could have done better in terms of my foot movement and technique,” added Jing Wen.

Siti Nurshuhaini Azman, who had already qualified into Group A of the girls singles, maintained her unbeaten record after beating Loh Zhi Wei 21-14, 21-13.

In Group B and C of the boys singles, Low Han Chen and Ferdinan Ramno made the grade to Group B as Lok Hong Quan and Aaron Tai who were ranked 3rd and 4th remained in Group C.

Carmen Ting Wei Wen and Oo Shan Zi were also promoted to Group B of the girls singles after dominating Group B and C.

Carmen emerged as champion of Group B and C with 3 points following her win over Oo Shan Zi 21-17, 21-18 while Chong Jie Yue and Tan Sheng Ting will be in Group C.

On the other hand, Kee Is Qian and Lee Yen Wei will fill the top two positions in Group C of the boy singles after finishing as the top two in Group C and D.

The bottom two players – V. Tamilarasu and Kong Teck Jon  will be listed in Group D.

In the girls singles, Shaneesa Shahidi and Lily Wong be listed in Group C after the duo finished top two in Group C and D while Noraqilah Maisarah Ramdan and Tan Zhing Hui will be in Group D after finishing at the bottom of the play-off.


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