PETALING JAYA, 24 Sept – Of late, Selangor has been in the football limelight since the Malaysian League officially resumed on Aug 28 – one thing led to another as it became clear that head coach, B. Satinathan’s (pic) sack was pre-planned.
The dirty tactics employed by the management also revealed by Selangor FA (FAS) secretary, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon that the Red Giants had lured naturalized Malaysian Mohamadou Sumareh from Pahang to sign up for the Klang Valley outfit.
The “back-door” tactics employed by Selangor has left many in bad taste as the Gambia-born Sumareh disappeared without news from Pahang’s training since August. Sumareh, was offered a lucrative deal to play for the Red Giants. He walked out on the Elephants – blinded by the fat monthly pay cheque.
There is no denying that FAS officials are full of lies and among them are “hidden hands” who have a “hidden agenda” to make big bucks from foreigners.
Satianathn happened to be the “kambing hitam” (scapegoat) and was sacrificed in the cruelest way one can think of – using the 6-1 defeat to Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) and his race and religion.
Dr. Johan, please do not give lame excuses for Satianathan’s sacking when you had announced his impending removal even before the league resumed on Aug 28. Dr. Johan, you also used the 6-1 defeat to JDT as the yardstick to sack Satianathan – a dedicated, honest individual who gave his heart and soul to the team despite the odds against him, both on and off the field.
Dr. Johan name the individuals who plotted Satianathan’s removal and come clean on the mess in the Selangor FA as it clear that a German, who is a good buddy of caretaker coach Micheal Feichtenbeiner is set to be the next head coach of the Red Giants.
A well-planned plot that has been in the offing for quite some time. Names like Aidil Sharin Sahak (who is presently coaching Kedah) and Mehmet Durakovic (Perak) are just “spoilers” thrown in for the drama.
There is no guarantee that a Mat Saleh’will be able to bring in the desired results to lift Selangor football.
The money-making officials should be exposed and sacked for the good of Selangor football if the Red Giants aim to be among the big guns in Malaysian football.
Another aspect of the mess is the Selangor management by true professionals instead of listening to a certain group of fans who have been hired or used by certain individuals to create disharmony in the team.

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