KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 – Incumbent Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin is set to retain his post as President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for a second term after reportedly returned unopposed when nominations closed last Thursday.
The 57th FAM Congress is scheduled to be held on March 13 to elect the office bearers for the 2021-2025 term.
Hamidin deserves to be given another term as he still has some unfinished business after he was voted in at the last elections.
However, the national football body needs to seriously take stock of some of the incumbents and those who are vying for a post in Hamidin’s cabinet for reasons known to many.
There are some who are there in pursuit of their personal agenda. They should be booted out as they are a disgrace to Malaysian football.
The intense campaigning, both, by the incumbents and the newcomers has already begun and battle for votes is expected to gain momentum in the coming weeks. As usual the campaign comes with plenty of promises – just like politicians campaigning in a general election.
Coming back to the incumbents it is a known fact that some have been dropping names, including royalty, during their campaign. There are also some who have become ”runners” to secure royal or state awards to be in the good books of their boss.
To ”butter” the boss or someone in power is a norm in Malaysia – let it be in the government or private sector. It is sad but true this culture is very much alive in sports bodies in the country.
The recent cases of unpaid salaries for players, both foreign and local, and team officials, kept Malaysia’s flag flying in FIFA. It is a shame for Malaysian football.
The FAM was harsh in dealing with some teams on this matter while some were given lot of leeway to sort out the financial mess.
Why?┬á – Some of the teams were given a lot of leeway while others felt the brunt with strong warnings.
Those who got leeway had a ”godfather” to work things out or coverup their shortcomings. This sad when much has been said about professionalism in the sport.
It did not stop at that. A high ranking FA official even went to the extent of telling a foreign player that he can help the player secure is back wages for a ├žertain amount. Do we need such official in the set up.
Take a hard look at such officials who bring shame to the country. They need to be booted out for the sake of pride and dignity.


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