KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 – Just a month ago Super League outfit Melaka United FC was slapped a three-point deduction for defaulting payment of late salaries for players and officials based on a set schedule. The same happened last year.
The joke is that Melaka United is now on the hunt for a new coach after incumbent Zainal Abidin Hassan was given a two-match grace period to “produce results” or face the sack. He passed the test with a 1-0 win over Perak FC in an away match last Sunday.
Zainal, a former international, faces even a sterner test when his team faces Kedah FC at home this Friday. Even a win over Kedah may not secure Zainal his job as there are certain parties who are determined to see Zainal out.
Melaka United FC’s chief executive officer, Datuk Mohd. Saiful May Sapri has gone on record to admit that he has received more than 10 applications for the job. “Most of them are foreigners,” he said, adding that there could also see new foreign players replacing some of the incumbents in the team.
Just a reminder that there is lot of money to be made when it comes to foreign dealings and those with clout always want changes in the team as there is “big money”  to be made at the expense of a scapegoat.
In this case, will Zainal be made a scapegoat?  It looks like Zainal is a sacrificial lamb due to some greedy people in the management. Just another reminder, lets not forget that Zainal was on the chopping list at the end of last season.
Melaka United was even dragged to FIFA for the non-payment of salaries due to foreign players over the years. Financial constraints remain the same and one wonders why Melaka United is so keen for a foreign coach?
It is also alleged that a high ranking FA official offered to settle cases for a certain fee but this was shot down by the victims of late payment of salaries.
To the Melaka United management it is best said – Do not put sand into the rice bowl of those whose livelihood is football by bringing in foreigners to fill your own pockets.
This “dirty trade” in Malaysian Football needs to arrested fast. In the past, Malaysian football is well known in FIFA for non payment of salaries and the world football governing body and the players have always won.

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