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PETALING JAYA, Nov 8 – Penang FC went great guns in the Super League this season with a third-place finish under Czech coach Tomas Trucha who took over the hot-seat from Manzoor Azwira who does not have a AFC pro coaching license.
The Czech, however, is on the firing range after the Panthers are now the whipping boys in the country’s oldest tournament – the Malaysia Cup (which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year) without a win in Group A.
Trucha’s name vibrates at the stadium during Penang’s Malaysia Cup matches – let it be at home or away.
On Sunday, the Panthers played Kuala Lumpur City FC at the KLFA Stadium with the City Boys coming off 1-0 winners.
Before the match against KL City the Panthers suffered huge defeats to Sri Pahang – losing 4-0 in Kuantan and 5-0 at the City Stadium in Penang.
Loyal and hardcore Penang fans were at the stadium in Cheras for the match against KL City. In a bizarre twist of events, the Czech is now hated man. Penang fans want Trucha out and banners have been unfurled to show their disappointment with the coach.
Sports politics in Malaysia is a dirty trend. It is prime factor that can destroy a team, especially when the team or association has achieved success. Penang is not alone in this aspect.
As we all know that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of success. Success is destroyed by individuals or a group who play politics.
Penang is victim of such dirty trends in Malaysia. Penang is not alone as there are other teams who have fallen victim to this disease.
Those with clout will try to bring in their “gang” to make hay while the sun shines. The latest hot signing is 2016 FIFA Puskas Award winner Faiz Subri has further divided the team and the management. The 35-year-od striker has reportedly signed a one year deal for the 2022 season.
Manzoor had no AFC pro coaching license and Trucha landed the Penang job after he abandoned his Kenyan club AFC Leopards, a Premier League side, after only one match, following threats of bodily harm to him and his agent.
According to reliable sources, the Czech, however, has not been in the good books of some directors of Penang FC because he has a ”split personality” and wants things to be done his way.
The selection of some players by hidden hands to make money through deals for players is a sore point in the Penang FC. This matter will be discussed by the management when it meets in two days time.
Will Penang end the Malaysia Cup campaign without a win? This will be known on Wednesday when the Panthers wind up their Group A campaign with an away match against Sarawak United at the UiTM FC Stadium.

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