PETALING JAYA, Aug 3 – Perak FA president Datuk Muhammad Yadzan Mohammad has called on head coach Chong Yee Fatt to be rested – with hopes that Perak football fortunes will take a turn for the better.
At the same time Yadzan is is keeping his fingers crossed that the Bos Gaurus will be hoping to avoid relegation to the lower tier Premier League.
However, Yadzan forgot that it is not the coach who is responsible for Perak’s present predicament.
It is Perak’s off football woes that have cracked open Perak football. Finding a scapegoat to cover the folly of the management is always the shortcut in Malaysian football.
Late payment of salaries stand out like a sore thumb in Malaysian football and Perak has not escaped this sickening ”football disease” in the country.
This has affected the welfare of the players who have families to take care and other commitments as football is their livelihood.
It did come as a surprise there has been a mass exodus of Perak players and it has crippled the Perak team. In fact, Yee Fatt deserves a pat on the back for being able to make do with whatever material he has to field a team.
For the record, Yee Fatt was not the head coach of the team for the new season. He took over reins from Mehmet Durakovic when the Australian ran into snags with the management over his existing contract.
When both parties could not come to an amicable solution, the former Australian called it quits and returned home – citing family commitments as his reasons.
Big names in Perak football like Guilherme de Paula, Shahrul Saad, Kenny Pallraj, J. Partiban have all moved to greener pastures for survival. Brazilians Leandro Dos Santos and Careca left the team at the end of last month.
Last Saturday (July 31) was a double blow for Perak football when the Bos Gaurus and their feeder squad (Perak 2) suffered embarrassment with crushing defeats.
The senior team was whacked 5-0 by seven-time Malaysian Super League champions Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) at the Sultan Ibrahim Stadium in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru while Perak 2 was hammered by a similar margin by Negri Sembilan in a Premier League at the Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Paroi, Seremban.
Incidentally, both the Perak teams are lying second from the bottom in their respective leagues with relegation staring at them.

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