KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 3 – Power, greed and shameless is nothing new in Malaysia. We all have seen this happening in Malaysia on all fronts that comes the destruction. Football is no different.
Tan Cheng Hoe’s resignation as the national football coach on Monday sums up the ills in the FA of Malaysia (FAM).
When you have the lust for power you not only become shameless but it also brings selfishness and greed. With that goes pride and dignity.
If you think Malaysian football will undergo a revolution after Cheng Hoe’s exit?
There is no guarantee on that. Instead, the most popular sport in the country is headed into the dumps or is it already in the dumps?
Was Cheng Hoe at fault? It is there for everyone to see that he has been made the scapegoat.
Scapegoats, from politics to sports, are nothing new in Malaysia. HubMedia has touched on this topic often in past reports. It has struck true again.
His resignation comes after Malaysia’s failure to reach the semi-finals in the recently concluded AFF Suzuki Cup in Singapore.
Malaysia lost to Vietnam (0-3), Indonesia (1-4) in the last two Group B matches. Malaysia had earlier beaten Cambodia (3-1) and Laos (4-0).   Cheng Hoe has quit – a very wise decision. Unlike others, who still cling on to power, Cheng Hoe has kept his pride and dignity intact.
Although he is aware that nothing went right for the team in Singapore because of other factors that contributed to the AFF failure, he has taken responsibility.
You cannot fight those with clout and those “hidden hands” as they are shameless.
By resigning you have kept your pride and dignity intact. You knew that you will not win your battle against those who have made you the scapegoat as they have no pride and dignity and they are shameless.
In Malaysia, on all fronts, you have the shameless ones who ride on their position apart from those who camouflage themselves by dropping names. Witch hunt in Malaysia is as common as buying nasi lemak, roti canai or kuih muih at a warong.
FAM president Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin should take a cue from Le Khanh Hai, the president of the Vietnam Football Federation, who resigned after defending champions Vietnam fell in the semi-finals.
Hamidin should resign and also his deputy Datuk Yusoff Mahadi, who is also the national football team manager.
The duo should be held responsible for Malaysia’s failure in Singapore. Both are a party to the flop in the AFF Suzuki.
Both, Hamidin and Yusoff, have destroyed Malaysian football and the game is set to take bigger tumbles if they remain in their posts.
The FAM is a happy hunting ground to make hay while the sun shines. They earn big fat pay cheques, not forgetting the fat allowances plus other perks.
Cheng Hoe’s resignation does not solve the mess in the FAM. Hamidin, Yusoff and their
YES MEN should also go for the sake of Malaysian football.
It has been revealed that Hamidin is looking at bigger things at bigger stage. The FAM is just a tool for him to campaign in his bid to move up the ladder.
We are proud of you Cheng Hoe.
For now, Cheng Hoe, wants to take a rest before deciding on his future.
“Last year was not a good year for me,” said Cheng Hoe from Penang, adding that his family has given him full support in his decision to quit.
The end line is SHAME ON YOU FAM!!! – rab

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