PETER Chai (seated 2nd from left front row)

KUALA SELANGOR, 5 Sept – DPI Holdings Bhd (DPI) through its social responsibility is taking proactive measures to increase awareness among the local community on the importance of keeping their environment clean and safe.

Aspects related to cleanliness should be given serious attention and it should be made a living practice of everyone at all times.

ENGKU Mohd. Nazri (red shirt)

As the country now faces the Covid-19 pandemic, awareness of cleanliness should be enhanced to ensure the surrounding environment is less contaminated.

To assist the government’s efforts to increase awareness on environmental safety and hygiene aspects, DPI came forward to organise a Community Health Program which took place at the Selangor Technical Skills Development Center (STDC), Kuala Selangor yesterday.

The program focuses on educating and sharing awareness with the local community on the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene.

“Things related to environmental cleanliness are our shared responsibility. We wish to do our part to share its importance to keep our surroundings and people around us safe, ” explained the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of DPI, Peter Chai.

According to Peter Chai, due to the company’s concern over hygiene, it has taken the initiative to produce disinfectant hygiene products under the brand BactiX Surface Disinfectant.

It acts quickly to kill germs and bacteria and is non-flammable.

According to him, it is an alcohol-free product, has a long-lasting protective effect and acts quickly to kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. The product is also suitable to be used to wash stubborn surface dirt.

“This product has actually been in use in the aviation industry for a long time. We have obtained the right to manufacture as a hygiene product for the daily use of consumers. This BactiX Surface Disinfectant will be available in the market at the end of this month and for now we have yet to set a market price.”

“It will be sold at an affordable price and the quality is guaranteed. With the production of this product, it would address general concern regarding problems related to hygiene and health.

Today’s program is the first of its kind to inform consumers about our latest hygiene products. Our priority is to tell consumers out there about cleanliness,” explained Peter Chai.

He hopes to continue to hold awareness programs on environmental hygiene from time to time with the local community so that it becomes a daily routine for each individual at all times.

At the ceremony, the participants were also briefed by an officer from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), Engku Mohd. Nazri Engku Mansor.

Engku Nazri shared knowledge related to health and also the steps that should be understood by the local community on how to maintain a clean and safe environment. According to Engku Nazri, local communities do not only increase their awareness of hygiene and health when the country faces the Covid-19 pandemic, but it should be practised at all times.

“Health or hygiene should be practised all times and not just for certain times. It is important to be familiar with the measures recommended by KKM in accordance with living life in the new norm.

If we look at the current situation, when the country is still facing the Covid-19 pandemic, then a clean environment is very important for everyone, and the product by DPI is very suitable as it is designed for various hygiene uses ” explained Engku Nazri.

A total of 150 participants attended the event which was conducted in accordance with KKM Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Participants also witnessed a demonstration by officials from DPI on how to use BactiX Surface Disinfectant hygiene products with proper methods.

In conjunction with the event, DPI has donated the hygiene products to students and staff of STDC and also Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Selangor (YBK).

Among the guests of honor present were a member of the Board of Directors of DPI, Datuk Seri Nurmala Abd Rahim, STDC Academic Affairs and Industrial Relations Manager, Norzilawati Md Said and YBK Deputy General Manager, Bashruddin Mohd Noor.

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