PETALING JAYA, 24 Oct – Just what is brewing in the Selangor football camp these days and who is calling the shots as things seem to get messier – leaving big question marks.
The latest news shocks all. The Selangor FA (FAS) has kicked out five players – three seniors (Nick Swirad, Farizal Harun, Khyril Muhymeen Zamri (pic)) and two youngsters, Anwar Ibrahim, Zahril Azri Zabri) from the team’s training while still on its payroll as they are still under contract has left a bad taste.
Why are the players being punished in such a manner?
Is it because of the ”hidden hands” who had a big say in the removal of chief coach B. Satiananthan to carry out their agenda? These hidden hands are still there calling the shots for their own agenda.
Everyone knows that there is big money in football. It is like the sickening political scenes in countries where the people are at the mercy of the political goons who want the power to swell their bank accounts. Football is no different.
Michael Feichtenbeiner, the German caretaker coach of the Red Giants after Satiananthan was sacked is tight-lipped on the five players.
Feichtenbeiner, who is also the technical director of the FAS, has been praising the Red Giants for the big wins against relegated teams Police and Felda which pushed Selangor to mid-table in the final league standings after he was named the replacement for Satiananthan.
Feichtenbeiner believes that his brand of football brought a change in the Selangor team. He also believes that promoting five players from Selangor’s feeder team that plies its trade in the lower-tier Premier League will give the senior team that much needed boost in the Malaysia Cup.
The five new ‘seniors’ in the team are Bajram Nebija, Quentin Chen, Danial Asri, Aqil Fadhly, and Shahrul Nazeem.
It is now left to be seen if the German “brew” will do wonders to the Klang Valley outfit in the coming Malaysia Cup which is scheduled to begin next month with the first-round matches to be played from Nov 6-8. Selangor has won the Malaysia Cup a record 33 times.
Interestingly, Feichtenbeiner was also the head coach of Selangor 2 – a team that did not finish in the top bracket in the Premier League. Selangor 2 finished seventh in the league – winning four, drawing one, and losing six of their 11 matches.

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