KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 – In Malaysia nothing is impossible and it has been proven time and again that you need to be a VVIP or just a VIP to make impossible things possible.
It does not stop at that. How the authorities treat you is another matter as there are two sets of laws in the country – one for the VIPs or the VVIPs and one for the layman. That sets the tone for judgment.
 The VIPs or VVIPs call the shots and more often than not they are given leeway. Currently, the “meat cartel” scandal is a hot topic – more so when it is a religious matter and there seems to be a huge effort to cover-up the issue that involves top politicians.
And we have read countless denials and some of the agencies are just washing their hands from the sickening disease of corruption.
We all know that we have VIPs and VVIPs are corrupted to the core and yet we the rakyat are helpless as the laws favor them.
Haram becomes Halal when it involves the bigwigs and the authorities in Jakim have been playing “low key” so as not to tarnish any further the already tarnished image of the government.
Putting that aside don’t think there is no corruption in sports. It is probably worse but not highlighted. Mismanagement of funds led to non-payment of salaries for players and team officials.
Covid-19 is the most abused word in daily life these days. The deadly pandemic has been used for excuses that the sponsors have not fulfilled what was promised and hence the delay in salaries.
If sponsors have run foul what about teams that have signed up foreign coaches and players where the salary is in US dollars? Not to be forgotten those FA officials who have been making big bucks from such deals.
Interestingly, a player still owed four months’ salary was told by a senior FA official that it can be settled “if I (the official) get 10 percent” of the total)” owed by the team. Of course, the said player turned him down as it is his hard-earned money.

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