Mat Yo opened account for Sarawak United against Perak II.
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14 – Sarawak is settling for its own brew to take Sarawak football to new heights – with two of the best football brains in coaching – B. Satianathan as Technical Director and E. Elavarasan, often described as the man with the Midas Touch, as the head coach of Sarawak United for the new season.

The two have already made a headstart – signing up international Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and several other big names, including foreigners, Australian defender Taylor Regan, and Brazilian hitman Sandro Mendonca, both of whom donned Selangor colors in the Covid-19 pandemic curtailed 2020 season.

Both are not new to Satiananthan as the former national coach was unceremoniously dumped by the Red Giants after a 6-1 defeat to Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) in an away league match.

For the record, JDT went on to win their seventh Super League title and days earlier had also whipped Perak 7-1 in the league.

Just like Satiananthan, Selangor also released Regan and Sandro for the new season after signing up a new German coach Karsten Neitzel a close buddy of the Selangor FA’s Technical Director Michael Feichtenbeiner.
Feichtenbeiner was appointed the caretaker coach after Satiananthan.
For the new season, Sarawak has also hired Christie Jayaseelan, R. Gopinathan who donned Petaling Jaya City FC and Pahang colors this year.
However, it is Norshahrul, nicknamed “Mat Yo” in the footballing fraternity, is a big catch for Sarawak. Satiananthan describes him as a “prized asset” in the national team under Tan Cheng Hoe but also to any club. The widely traveled Besut-born Norshahrul’s last club is BG Pathum which plays in the Thai League.
In the Malaysian League, Norshahrul played for Perak, Negeri Sembilan, UPB My Team, Kelantan, JDT, Armed Forces, Terengganu, Felda United, and Pahang where he left his mark with each team before going to Thailand.
He is also a much-respected striker in international tournaments in this region.
”He is inspiring to the young and lived up to that role. After his stint in Thailand, we can count on him to be far better. This is what we want from him in Sarawak as football talent in the state is second to none,” said Satiananthan who is determined to take Sarawak football to greater heights.
“Age is certainly not a factor for Mat Yo. He is still among the best among locals footballers and to me, he is an asset at any level. He is a role model on and off the field. More importantly, he can inspire.
Elavarasan is excited about the latest developments that are taking in Sarawak football and sees plenty of hope in the game after coaching the team this year.
”It is a mixture of youth and experience. Due to the pandemic, I managed to put in only four months of coaching but I see hope for the team. Frankly, I can tell you this…there is plenty of football talent in the state,” said Elavarasan.
”There are already five players who are already seen as future stars in the game. With those recruited with experience means there will be a good blend of Sarawak football in the new season.”
Apart from goalkeeper Saiful Wazizi, the rest are attacking players – Nur Shamie Iszuan, Ashri Chuchu, and Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak are attacking players.
”They are future players of Sarawak who are capable of making the grade with the right coaching and exposure. I know what they can deliver…all they need is playing experience at a higher level.”
In the recent Premier League, Sarawak finished in 10th place in the 12-team league.

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