IPOH, 24 Nov – Asia Triathlon Cup  (ATC) 2022 is set to take place at Silverlake Village Outlet, Batu Gajah, Perak on 25 to 27 November.

It will be the battle ground for the participants to collect points as the overall champion will be decided here.

The limelight will definitely on a few world class triathlon athletes none other than Ayan Beisenbayev from Kazakhstan and Aleksandr Kurishov (Uzbekistan) who are set to steal the show this weekend.

Chief Executive Officer of Stagemaker Sdn Bhd, Emir Abdul Jalal said: “At this final stage, having participants from Europe and Africa will fire up the level of competitiveness.”

“Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan representatives are among the top ranking at the Asia stage. At such, they are seen as one of the strong contender among all participants.

“However, we must not lose sight of participants from Japan. Even though, they did not send their top 10 ranking athletes but I believe that they still put up a strong performance. They have strong fighting spirit and will go all out to collect as many points as possible to strengthen their overall championship standings,” said Emir.

The last time Malaysia played host for this prestigious ATC was way back in the early 80s at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This year, Perak has the honour to host the final round of ATC 2022 jointly organised by Malaysia Triathlon Association and Perak Triathlon Association with Stagemaker Sdn Bhd as the event organiser.

There are six categories comprise of elite male and female (age 23 and above, age 19 to 23 and age 16 to 19).

Each participants has to go through three disciplines which is swimming (750 meter), followed by cycling (20 kilometer) and running (5 kilometer).

Emir went to add on: “About 90 participants from 25 countries including Malaysia will take part in this elite male and female category.

“This time around, ATC managed to draw in participants from Europe, besides representative from Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and a few neighbouring countries from South East Asia.

“They are from Germany, Canada, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia dan Luxembourg. Not only that but the organiser also successfully roped in participants from Palestine, Guam, South Africa and India.

“With so many countries taking part, this definitely add in brownies point for ATC in Perak. However, most importantly all the participants are ready to go all out to accumulate as many points as possible at this crucial final stage for the season,” he concluded.

Event ‘supporter’ – Tourism Malaysia.

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