PETALING JAYA, Oct 2 – Terengganu FC defender Shahrul Nizam Ros Hasni who went “missing” hours before the national squad took flight to Jordan for a two-match playing tour on Friday, reportedly went fishing.
Whose fault is it? Who should be held responsible for the blunder. Whoever is responsible, they certainly lack respect for the Jalur Gemilang and should not escape punishment. We all know the fault does not lie with the player alone.
Don’t seek sympathy when you don’t deserve. For one, whoever is at fault, you have shown no respect for the position you hold or the post entrusted to you. Don’t be a disgrace and blame others. If this is the case, the answer is simple…just QUIT.
Sports loving people who make sacrifices for the nation through “blood, sweat, tears, and not forgetting the sacrifices” to bring glory and pride to the country, to don’t need people who are there holding high posts because of politics. Sports politics is a sickening ”disease” that is more painful and hurting when you become a victim under such circumstances.
This brings us to the recent case of Ziyad Zolkefli – the Paralympian who had his shot put gold and a new world record at the recent Tokyo Paralympics taken away because of incompetent officials. The reason – incompetent officials – who reported late at the call room for the event.
Ziyad lost millions through no fault of his. Accusing fingers have been pointed at others in a bid to find scapegoats to cover up their own folly.
In Shahru’s case, the blame game has already started and fingers are pointing to look for a scapegoat. Is this new in Malaysia? No it is not. The real culprit is trying to coverup his shortcomings.
Shahrul’s case is reportedly the only such case that has happened in the history of Malaysian football.
The said player deserves to be disciplined for his actions. At the same time the officials (including from the secretariat) should also be hauled up if they are party to his “failure” to report for national duty.
This is a national issue. There should be no coverup in this matter. Let us not forget the flak national head coach Tan Cheng Hoe gets on the social media for not calling up young talent.
When such talent is called for national duty is this the response you get?  Now, what have the so called social media experts have to say about Shahrul?
The guilty ones, including officials, should pay for their incompetence. Let us put a stop to such nonsense for the sake of sports.
There are reports that both Datuk Yusof Mahadi (team manager) and Terengganu FC team manager Zulfadli Rozi, have requested that no action be taken against Shahrul.
Let us not sweep another case of incompetence under the carpet. Let us have pride and dignity and give respect to the Jalur Gemilang. Let us make Malaysia a place where justice prevails.
The Harimau Malaya is down to play two-Tier 1 international friendlies – against Jordan on Oct 6 and Uzbekistan on Oct 9 as part of their preparations for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 which will played in Singapore from Dec 5 2021-Jan 1, 2022.

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