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PETALING JAYA, Sept 8 –  The Sports Industry Coalition (SIC) which represents the
majority of mass participation sporting event industry players in Malaysia urges the
government to reopen the sporting industry (both indoor and outdoor) following the
announcement of the reopening of the entertainment industry by the Prime Minister
SIC has sent numerous requests and SOP revisions to the government through the Ministry
of Youth and Sports (KBS) since March 2021. These were accompanied with multiple
recommendations and requests for financial support, but have yet to receive any
positive replies.
The Covid-19 pandemic has stalled the sporting industry in Malaysia to almost a halt since
March 2020. The situation of the industry players has reached a critical stage as the
businesses are out of cash flow to continue. This leads to company closures, employee
retrenchment and even non-performing loans in the country’s banking system.
SIC is unable to understand the government’s decision in reopening the entertainment
industry that is mainly operated indoors ahead of the sporting industry. Majority of the
sporting events or activities are done outdoors with the best ventilation and space available.
As for indoor sporting facilities, a detail and strict SOP has been in place since the start of
the pandemic. Therefore, SIC cannot find any valid reasons for the government to ignore
our sector in the reopening plans.
Studies have shown that sports and active lifestyle can create a stronger immune system
and reduce the probability of infection and a higher chance of recovery if infected.
In the latest statistics as of 27 August 2021 , the Mass Participation World (MPW) survey
from 30 countries shown that with over 3 million participants from the recent mass
participation events, there were only 4 recorded cases and no major clusters were found.
These are real evidence and data that sports do not spread COVID-19. Refer
“We believe that it is a positive move by the government to start opening up the
entertainment side but we urge the government to prioritise the reopening of the sporting
industry immediately. SIC do not believe that financial support is sufficient to the industry
and we are suffering. We plead to the government to allow us to make our own living
instead.” said Azman Fahmi, representative of the Sports Industry Coalition, Azman Fahmi in a statement today.

About Sport Industry Coalition – Mass Participation
A coalition of members involved in mass participation sports industry, that is adversely
affected by the economic impact of the pandemic. The Sports Industry Coalition was formed on 18 March 2021 and consists of 75 industry players which include event organisers, service providers as well as related manufacturers and suppliers who make up the members of the coalition.
The coalition came together when members of the mass participation Sports community
found itself unrepresented. The members consist of Event organisers, Venue Provider,
Equipment Rental, Event Products Supplier, Pre-Race Server Provider, Race Service Provider, Medical and Sports technology and Data. They include major companies who have
organised popular mass participation events such as IRONMAN Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Standard Chartered Marathon, Powerman, Spartan, Proton Hari Sukan Negara and many
more. The coalition was formed as a United front and a singular voice to discuss, support,
assist and communicate with relevant Governmental agencies with the intent to reactivate,
reopen and reinvigorate mass participation sporting events in Malaysia.
Sports Industry Coalition is a member of Industries Unite.

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